The “In a Word” Card Line

It’s hard to believe, but half the languages spoken on our planet will be gone by 2100.

When a language dies, we lose so much more than a particular point of view; we lose traditions that connect people to place — and to each other. We lose deep cultural wisdom: myths and fairy tales, knowledge of plants and animals, humor, prayers, remedies and recipes.

We created “In a Word” greeting cards to keep wonderful words in circulation: endangered words, fictional words, and words used around the world to describe universal hopes, intentions and desires.

Did you know language loss is closely related to species loss? Where languages flourish, so do plants and animals! Life and culture; it’s like mac ‘n cheese: inextricably entwined. Study of this close relationship between life and culture is a newly emerging field called “biocultural diversity“.

“In a Word” cards support the work of, that strives to preserve and protect the links between language, landscape and life. We agree with their view that a healthy environment, resilient cultures and vibrant languages are a matter of social justice and basic human rights. (Disclaimer: I serve on their Board and really love the work they do.)

To encourage thinking that will help us find individual and collective solutions to all kinds of problems, ConnectingDotz uses words and images to make our fundamental connectedness more apparent.

In a Word cards on mantle